Avoiding The Common Cold


The last thing you need right now is a cold. And if you do have one, you don't want it to spread to the people around you. So here are some things you can do to reduce the spread of colds.

Protect yourself

First, keep yourself from catching a cold. The germs that cause colds spread easily through coughs, sneezes and close contact with an infected person. So try to stay away from people who are sick. Next, keep your hands clean. Germs on your hands can infect you when you touch your eyes, mouth or nose. So wash your hands with soap and water frequently. Use hand sanitizer if soap and water aren't available. And don't touch your face with unwashed hands.

Protect others

If you have a cold, help keep it from spreading to others. Don't go to work or school when you're sick. Stay home until you're better. Don't shake hands, and don't kiss or hug. Cough and sneeze into a tissue, and then throw it away. Or cough and sneeze into your upper shirtsleeve. Always wash your hands after you cough or sneeze. And disinfect the surfaces you touch so your germs don't spread to others.


These tips aren't guaranteed to keep you completely free of colds, but they can help you reduce your risk.