Avoiding Trigeminal Neuralgia Triggers


If you have trigeminal neuralgia, you know how distressing it can be. You feel drained and hopeless. You live in fear of the next attack. But the good news is that some attacks are caused by specific triggers. Avoid those triggers and you may have fewer attacks. Here are some triggers we know about.


The first is "touch." If this is a trigger for you, things that touch your face can be problem. So be careful when you wash your face, shave, or put on makeup. If air blowing on your face is a trigger, don't sit near an AC vent or an open window. When you go outside on a windy day, protect your face with a loose scarf or a clear umbrella.


Your mouth can also be a source of triggers. Brushing your teeth, eating, drinking, smiling, talking and kissing can trigger attacks. So consider eating softer foods so you don't have to chew as much. Try drinking warm or cold drinks through a straw so you can avoid the most sensitive parts of your mouth. And use a regular toothbrush, not an electric one.


Movement is another trigger. Certain head movements, or the vibrations caused by walking or riding in a car, can trigger an attack. Be aware of your movements so you can avoid the ones that cause problems for you.

Foods and drinks

And finally, attacks can be triggered by certain foods and drinks. Caffeine, citrus and bananas are known triggers. You may have other sensitivities, too. So avoid these foods and drinks.


Talk to your doctor for more information about managing and treating trigeminal neuralgia.