Axillary Brachial Plexus Block


This is an injection of anesthetic. It numbs your arm and hand. It can prepare you for surgery and control your pain after surgery.


To begin, you lie on your back. The doctor numbs your armpit with local anesthetic.

Administering the Block

With the help of ultrasound or electric nerve stimulation, the doctor guides a needle to the nerves that pass through your upper arm. Then, anesthetic is injected. It bathes the nerves and blocks feeling.

Continuous Catheter

If your arm needs to be numbed for a long time, your doctor may place a thin tube called a "catheter." It's pushed through the needle and placed next to your nerves. Then, the needle is removed. Anesthetic can be given through the catheter as needed.

End of Procedure

When the block is done, your arm may be placed in a sling. Your arm may feel numb for several hours. Follow your doctor's instructions to manage your pain.