Back Pain During Pregnancy


When you're pregnant, your body goes through rapid changes. This can stress your muscles and joints. For many women, back pain becomes a problem. Let's learn what you can do to avoid back during pregnancy.

Proper support

First, choose the right shoes. Don't wear high heels. Instead, wear low-heeled shoes that give you good arch support. You may also consider wearing a maternity support belt.

Good posture

Next, focus on your posture. Your center of gravity shifts forward during pregnancy. But instead of letting yourself slouch, try to stand up straight. Keep your shoulders back, and use a wider stance to keep you stable. If you have to stand for a long time, take breaks. And when you sit, choose a chair that supports your back.

Stay active

If your healthcare provider says it's OK, try to stay active. Physical activity keeps your back muscles strong. So do some walking or other light activities. Try some stretching exercises for your back. But don't overdo it. And be careful when you lift anything. Lift with your legs, not your back.

Easing pain

After being active, you may want to use a heating pad or an ice pack to soothe sore muscles. A massage may help, too. And when you go to bed, sleep on your side, not your back. Bend one or both knees, and use extra pillows for support.


For more back pain tips, talk to your healthcare provider.