Bonding With Your Baby

One of the best parts of being a parent is forming a bond with your baby. This bond develops naturally as you spend time together. Your baby learns to trust and love you. And you become very attached to your child.

Different for different people

The bonding process isn't the same for every parent. For some, it happens instantly. For others, it can take days or weeks. This is normal.

When bonding is harder

Sometimes, bonding is a little harder. Maybe your baby needs medical care and you can't be with them. Maybe you're having postpartum depression, or you're just feeling exhausted. Maybe you've adopted your baby. Some parents feel guilt or anxiety if they don't bond with their baby as fast as they think they should. But with time, a bond will form.

Tips for bonding

What are some tips to help bonding? Just after birth, ask to hold your baby. Skin-to-skin contact is best. Breastfeeding is good for bonding. Bottle feeding is good, too. Feeding your baby helps them get used to your smell and your touch. Make eye contact with your baby. Talk, read and sing to them so they can learn the sound of your voice. Respond when they need you. And play with them. For more bonding tips, talk to your healthcare provider.