Bone Grafting

This procedure creates healthy new bone in your jaw. It fills an area of lost bone, or it makes a weak part of your jaw stronger. It's also used to create a solid base for dental implants.


To start the procedure, you're given medicine to make you feel relaxed and numb. You may be put to sleep. Now, we make an incision in your gum to get to the part of your jaw bone that needs grafting. We may need to reshape the area to make it ready for the graft.

Graft options

There are several types of graft material. We could make your graft from a piece of healthy bone taken from another part of your body. Bone from the back of your jaw, your hip, your chin, or some other area can be used. We could get bone from another donor. Or, we could use a synthetic bone material. We'll use the graft that's right for you.

Placing the Graft

We place the graft in your jaw and cover it with a protective membrane. It may be a membrane that your body can absorb. Or, you may need to come back to have it taken out after your jaw has healed.

End of procedure

After your graft, you'll be watched for a short time, then you can go home. Follow all of your care instructions as your jaw heals. In the following weeks, new bone will grow. And the graft will bond securely to your jaw.