BOTOX® Injections for Pain


When we think of BOTOX®, we often think of wrinkle reduction. But these injections have other uses. They also treat pain. Let's learn about BOTOX® and what types of pain it treats.

What is BOTOX®?

What is BOTOX? It's a brand name for a protein called "botulinum toxin." When it's injected in small doses, it blocks nerve signals. It can stop pain signals before they reach your brain. It also weakens or paralyzes certain muscles. The effect of BOTOX® is not permanent. When it wears off, it can be injected again.

Types of pain relief

What types of pain does BOTOX® treat? It can help you avoid migraine headaches. It can treat painful muscle contractions in the neck and shoulder caused by a condition we call "cervical dystonia." It can relax tight muscles from cerebral palsy or other nerve conditions. Some doctors treat myofascial pain, back pain, neuropathy, and various muscle spasms with BOTOX®.


Your doctor will know if BOTOX® is right for treating your pain.