BOTOX® Injections for Wrinkles


If your frown lines, crow's feet or other facial wrinkles bother you, ask about BOTOX® injections. It's a simple, safe procedure. It makes wrinkles less noticeable and gives you a younger look.

What is BOTOX®?

What is BOTOX®? It's the brand name for a protein called "botulinum toxin." When injected in small doses, it causes muscle tissue to relax. And when the underlying muscle relaxes, wrinkles smooth out. This smoothing isn't permanent, but it lasts for months. Then, you can come back and have it done again. You can stop the injections at any time without causing any lasting changes.

The injections

During the BOTOX® procedure, you get a series of injections. They go in specific spots to target your wrinkles. The needle is small, and most people don't find the injections to be very painful. You may feel some mild burning or stinging. This goes away quickly.


The injections usually begin to work within one to three days. Follow your aftercare instructions so you get the best results.