Breast Augmentation


This surgery makes your breasts larger with soft implants. They come in many different shapes, sizes and textures. And they're filled with silicone or saline. Your doctor will help you choose which implants are right for you.


To begin, you're put to sleep. For each implant, the surgeon makes an incision. The incision can be near your nipple, in the crease under your breast, or in your armpit area.


To place an implant, the surgeon makes a pocket in the tissue of your breast. The pocket will be behind or in front of your chest muscle. Then, the implant is slipped in and centered. Some implants are filled after they are put in your breast. Others are pre-filled.

End of procedure

After your implants are placed, the incisions are closed. Your chest is bandaged. You are watched for a brief time in a recovery room before going home. Follow your surgeon's instructions for a safe recovery.