Bunionette Deformity Correction (Overview)


A bunionette, also called a tailor's bunion, is a deformity that forms at the base of the fifth toe. It appears as a large, bony bump beneath the skin, and the toe may turn inward. In its early stages, a bunionette can often be managed with pads and with proper shoes. But if you have a severe bunionette, treatment may involve surgery.

Removing the Bony Bump

Your surgeon may be able to treat your bunionette by simply removing the bony bump. This may be enough to give your foot a more natural shape, which will make it easier to wear shoes comfortably. However, this is not enough to correct all bunionettes.

Realigning the Toe

If your deformity is severe, the surgeon may need to modify the metatarsal so that your toe can be shifted into a normal position. The metatarsal is the bone of the foot at the base of the toe. The surgeon divides the metatarsal into two sections. There are a few techniques for dividing the metatarsal. Your surgeon will choose a method based on your needs. After the sections are realigned, they can be stabilized with wire, with screws, or with a metal plate and screws.


A bunionette can be a painful and frustrating problem, but it can be treated effectively. Your surgeon can help you decide a treatment plan that is right for you.