Caring for Your Cast


You've broken a bone, and for the next several weeks you'll be wearing a cast. Let's take a moment to learn how to care for it.

Keep it dry

First, it's important to keep your cast dry. Even if your doctor says your cast can get wet, a wet cast traps moisture inside it. This can irritate your skin and lead to an infection. So keep your cast dry when you bathe. Put on a waterproof cover. Or, try a newspaper bag, bread bag or trash bag. Seal the plastic around your skin with a rubber band or tape. If your cast does get wet, dry it with a hair dryer on the "low" heat setting.

Keep it clean

You also need to keep it clean. Don't let sand or dirt get inside your cast. Don't put powder, lotion or deodorant in or on your cast, either.

Don't put things inside it

A cast can be itchy. You may be tempted to slide something inside your cast to scratch your skin. But avoid this temptation. You could accidentally injure yourself this way, and this can cause an infection. Instead, use a hair dryer on the "cool" setting. Blow it inside the cast.

Don't make adjustments

Finally, don't make any adjustments to your cast. Never trim it or pull out any of the padding. If your cast is uncomfortable or needs an adjustment, see your doctor.