Caring for Your Hearing


We all need to be aware of the danger of noise-induced hearing loss. That's hearing loss that's caused by loud noise. It tends to happen over time. When you finally notice it, your hearing is permanently damaged. Let's learn more about this type of hearing loss, and how you can prevent it.

In the cochlea

So, how does noise harm your hearing? Well, inside the cochlea (an organ in your inner ear), there are tiny hairs. They help change sound waves into electrical signals your brain can process. Loud noise harms these hairs. And when they are damaged, they don't grow back. Even one exposure to a very loud noise can cause permanent harm.

Protect your hearing

You can protect your hearing with a few simple steps. Minimize your exposure to loud noises. Whenever you're in a loud environment (like a factory or a concert) or when you are around something that makes a lot of noise noise (like a leaf blower or a lawnmower) protect your ears. Wear ear plugs or ear muffs to block loud sounds. Move away from the noise if possible. If you listen to headphones, keep the volume at a sensible level. Limit your listening time. And make sure you tell others about the dangers of loud noises.


It's a good idea to have your hearing tested regularly, especially if you notice any changes in your hearing. For more info about your hearing, talk to your healthcare provider.