Caring for Your Voice


It's important to keep your voice healthy. Teachers, singers, salespeople and others who rely heavily on their voices need to know how to keep the voice strong. So let's take a few moments to learn about proper voice care.

The basics

First, make sure you're doing the basics. Stay healthy and hydrated. Don't smoke, and limit how much alcohol and caffeine you drink. Wash your hands to prevent illness. And if you're sick or tired, don't overuse your voice. Don't stress it too much, and make sure you give it time to rest.

Other tips

Now, look for other ways to be kind to your voice. When you're speaking to a crowd, use a microphone if one is available. When you're singing, don't try to use the extremes of your vocal range when you don't need to. Instead of talking over the noise in a crowded place, find somewhere less noisy. Use a humidifier at home. And don't use things like medications or harsh mouthwashes that can dry out your throat.


If you're doing these things and you're still having voice problems, see your doctor. You may be dealing with a respiratory infection, acid reflux or some other medical condition. Your healthcare provider will create a care plan that's right for you.