Chiropractic Adjustment (Drop Table Technique)


If you have pain related to your spine, a drop table adjustment may help. With this therapy, your chiropractor gently moves sections of your spine using a special table. It has sections that can lift up and down slightly.


To start, you lie on a padded table set up to work your spine. The chiropractor may examine your legs for signs that your spine is not aligned properly. For the adjustment, the chiropractor gives a section of your spine a gentle thrust while also slightly dropping the section of the table that's beneath it. This helps guide the bones of your spine into the correct position. An adjustment can relieve pressure on the nerves of your spine.

Safe, Noninvasive Care

Chiropractic adjustment is a safe form of care. It can help relieve many types of pain, and it can help improve your range of motion. You may benefit from a continuing care plan. Your chiropractor can create a plan that is right for your needs.