Choking Prevention (Babies and Children)


Babies and children like to explore the world around them. That includes putting objects in their mouths. This is normal, but it can be dangerous. Here are some tips to keep your child from choking.

Food hazards

The most common cause of choking is food. Keep an eye on your child during meal time. Don't feed them small, round or hard foods. Cut foods into tiny pieces. And, don't let your child run around or play while they're eating.

Toy hazards

Other choking hazards come from toys. When buying toys, look for the recommended age guidelines. Check that toys don't have small pieces that can be removed. And, get rid of damaged toys.

Household hazards

Don't forget that everyday household items can be dangerous too. Keep things like batteries, buttons and coins out of reach. Check the floor, under furniture and between cushions for small items that may have fallen.


Choking can happen anytime, anywhere. Be prepared in case of an emergency. Take a CPR and choking first aid class. Talk to your pediatrician for more information.