Choosing a Pediatrician

Nothing matters more to you than your child's health. So, let's talk about getting a doctor who's a good fit for your child and you.

Before the birth

First, if you're about to have a baby, look for a doctor now, before your baby is born. Knowing your pediatrician before your baby's birth can relieve any anxiety you may feel later.

The basics

So, what should you look for in a pediatrician? Start with the basics. You'll want a doctor whose office is near you. Ask if they are board-certified. This shows that they have passed an exam for the specialty of pediatrics. It shows they continue to learn. Make sure they accept your insurance plan. And, ask friends and coworkers who have children for recommendations.

Meet the doctor

Next, go meet the doctor. Make sure you're comfortable with them and feel that you can have a good relationship. Find out their thoughts on different aspects of childcare. How often do they expect to see your child? What can they tell you about breastfeeding and bottle-feeding? How do they feel about circumcision? What is their overall philosophy of childcare? These are things you may want to discuss.


And finally, make sure you're happy with the policies and staff at their office. Keep in mind that you may need to meet more than one doctor, or visit more than one office, before you make a decision.