Cluneal Nerve Block


This injection treats painful nerves in the lower back and upper buttocks. We call these the "cluneal" nerves. The injection will show us if these nerves are the source of your pain. And if they are, the block will give you relief.


To begin, you lie on a table. We may give you medicine to make you feel relaxed. We numb the skin and tissue of the injection site. With the help of a video x-ray device, we carefully guide a needle to the cluneal nerves. We may inject contrast dye to help see the needle's position more clearly.


Now, we inject the medicine. This anesthetic and steroid mixture bathes your nerves. The anesthetic relieves pain. The steroid will reduce inflammation.

End of procedure

After the injection, we bandage your skin. We'll watch you for a brief time, and then you can go home. Follow your care plan to get the best results.