Cognitive Therapy


This is a form of talk therapy. It's focused on your thoughts and feelings. It helps you see problems in the way you think about some things. You'll learn skills that will help you deal with your problems. Let's look at how cognitive therapy treats a wide range of mental health issues.

What to Expect

Cognitive therapy is done with a series of sessions. Each one lasts about an hour. You're going to talk about personal things. So be honest with your therapist. The goal is to find problems in how you think. You may learn that you tend to focus only on negatives, or that you only think about things in terms of black and white. You may realize that you tend to believe some things are more important than they really are. Or, you may learn that you think some things are linked directly to you when they really aren't. Therapy should help you learn to think about things in more positive ways.


Unlike other talk therapy methods, cognitive therapy doesn't focus heavily on your past. For example, your therapist won't delve into deep-rooted issues you had in your childhood. Instead, your therapist focuses on dealing with your current thoughts and problems.


If you're having mental or emotional problems that interfere with your life, cognitive therapy may help you. Talk to your healthcare provider to find a therapist in your area.