Computer-Assisted Hip Replacement Surgery


This form of hip replacement uses a computer guidance system. It helps your surgeon fit and align your new joint. This type of surgery can give better results than traditional hip surgery. Here's how it works.


To begin, you're put to sleep. Tracking markers are attached to your hip. The computer's cameras see these markers. The markers show the the exact position of your hip and leg, even as your leg is moved. The computer makes a 3D model of your hip. The model helps your surgeon plan the angles of the cuts that are needed. And, your surgeon uses the model to choose the size and shape of implants that will work best for you.

Replacing the hip

Now it's time to replace your hip. An incision is made to reach the joint. Your surgeon uses special instruments that are tracked by the computer. Then, the damaged parts of your hip are replaced with implants that precisely match your anatomy. Your surgeon tests the new ball and socket to make sure they fit together well and glide smoothly.

End of procedure

When the surgery is done, the incision is closed. You are watched in a recovery room as you wake up. Follow your surgeon's advice as you heal.