Craniotomy for Intracerebral Hematoma


This surgery treats a blood clot that has formed in your brain. It relieves pressure on your brain tissue caused by the buildup of blood.


To begin, you're put to sleep. Your head is secured. The surgeon makes an incision in your scalp to reach your skull. Part of your skull is removed. Then, the membrane that surrounds your brain, called the "dura," is opened.

Removing the clot

Next, the surgeon gently removes the clot. If any nearby blood vessels are leaking, they are treated to stop a future clot. Then, the dura is sealed. The part of your skull that was removed is put back and secured, and your scalp is closed. If you've had brain swelling, the surgeon may close your scalp without closing your skull. This lets your brain heal. Your skull is closed during a later surgery.

End of procedure

After the surgery, you're closely monitored. Follow your surgeon's instructions for a safe recovery.