Craniotomy for Meningioma


This surgery removes a tumor called a "meningioma." That's a type of tumor that begins in the thin tissue that surrounds your brain and spinal cord.


To begin, you are numbed. You may be put to sleep. Your head is held still so it won't move during surgery. The surgeon makes an incision in your scalp to reach your skull. Then part of your skull is removed.

Removing the tumor

Now, your surgeon focuses on your tumor. While protecting healthy brain tissue, the tumor is carefully removed. Sometimes, all of it can be taken out safely. In other cases, some of it must be left behind. The remaining part will be treated later with other methods.

End of Procedure

Finally, your skull and scalp are closed and bandaged. You may have a drain to keep fluid from building up. You'll stay in the hospital until it's safe to go home. Follow your surgeon's recovery plan.