Cystoscopy (Female)


This procedure looks inside your bladder. Your doctor uses a viewing device called a "cystoscope." There are two types of cystoscopes. Flexible scopes are used only for viewing. Rigid scopes also have a channel to pass small instruments through.


To begin, your urethra is cleansed and numbed. Your urethra is the tube that your urine travels through when you pee. The doctor pushes a cystoscope up through your urethra and into your bladder. The doctor fills your bladder with fluid to stretch the bladder wall. Then, the bladder wall is carefully inspected.


If your doctor sees tissue that doesn't look normal, you may need to have a biopsy. A tissue sample can be taken through a rigid cystoscope. The tissue can then be examined in the lab.

End of Procedure

When the procedure is finished, the cystoscope is removed and you can empty your bladder. Your healthcare provider will follow up with you about the results of your exam.