Dental Impression


If your dentist needs to adjust your teeth, create a dental implant or fit you for dentures, you may need to have a dental impression made. That's a mold of your teeth and gums. Your dentist may take an impression of just a few of your teeth, or all of them.

How it's done

To begin, the dentist chooses a tray that fits your teeth. The tray looks kind of like a bite guard. It fits around your teeth. Then, a special putty is prepared. It's put into the tray, and the tray is pressed over your teeth. You'll wait a short time while the putty hardens. Then, the tray is removed.

Next steps

The putty captures an impression of your teeth. This impression can be filled with a material that hardens to create an exact copy of your teeth.


A dental impression is quick and painless. It's a valuable part of your dental care. Ask your dentist for more information.