Dental X-rays


This is a way of getting images of the inside of your teeth and jaws. It relies on X-rays, which are a form of electromagnetic radiation. X-ray imaging lets your dentist see problems that aren't easy to see during a regular exam.

Why they are needed

X-rays give your dentist a way to monitor changes in your teeth. X-ray images show any cracks and decay in your teeth. They show signs of infection deep below your gums. They even see teeth that haven't come in yet.


Dental X-rays are safe. You'll be exposed to very low levels of radiation during the imaging, but you'll be protected. X-rays can't pass through lead. So during an X-ray, your body is covered with a lead apron. That keeps you from being exposed to more X-rays than necessary. If you are pregnant, make sure to tell your dentist before X-rays are taken.


X-rays are an important part of dental care. Talk to your dentist for more information.