Diabetes and Foot Care


Diabetes can lead to problems with your feet. Loss of feeling in your feet can make it easy to miss an injury. And poor blood circulation can let a small infection turn into a major issue. So let's learn about proper foot care.

The basics

First, take care of the basics. Wash your feet in warm water every day, but don't soak them. Dry them well. Use lotion on the tops and soles. Use powder between your toes. And keep your toenails trimmed and filed. Don't walk barefoot. Instead, wear socks and shoes that fit you well. When you get new shoes, break them in slowly. And remember to protect your feet from heat and cold.

Other issues

You also need to look for problems every day. Use a mirror so you can see the soles of your feet. Watch for ingrown toenails, blisters and warts. Look for signs of athlete's foot and toenail fungus. Keep corns and calluses smooth. If you have hammertoes or bunions, wear proper pads or inserts.


Regular exercise is good for you. But be sure to choose activities that are easy on your feet. Walking, riding a bike and swimming are good options. And when you sit down to rest, keep blood flowing to your feet by putting your feet up. Wiggle your toes and flex your ankles.


Finally, be sure to see your doctor regularly for foot exams. Talk to your doctor for more information about foot care.