Diabetes Screening

This is a set of tests we use to find out if you have diabetes, or to find out if you are developing the disease. We may screen you if you have certain risk factors. We may screen you if you have symptoms of the disease. Let's see what screening is about.

Different tests

Screening involves testing your blood. There are a few tests we can use. We may look at the glucose in your blood. Or, we may look at proteins called "antibodies" if we suspect you may have Type 1 diabetes. We choose the right test for you based on what type of diabetes we're screening for.

Preparing for a test

For some tests, you may need to "fast" for several hours before we take a blood sample. That means you can't eat, and you can't drink anything except for sips of water. For other tests, you may be given a sweet liquid to drink before we take a blood sample. And, your test may require several blood samples to be taken over a period of hours so we can see changes in your blood.


If screening shows that you have diabetes, or a condition called "prediabetes," we'll create a care plan that's right for you. For more info about diabetes screening, talk to your doctor.