Exercising With Acute Pain


We all know exercise is important for good health. But some people feel pain when they exercise. If you have pain that starts suddenly, lasts only a short time and then goes away with rest, we say you have "acute" pain. Don't ignore it.

Talk to your doctor

If you're having acute pain, you need to find out why. So go see your doctor. Your doctor will look at your overall fitness level and make sure your exercise routine is safe for you.

Overdoing it

If your doctor decides your pain is a sign that you're simply overdoing it, the fix may be easy. You may need to do more stretching. You may need to warm up and cool down properly. You may need to do some strength training. Your doctor can give you tips to help you stop pain before it starts.

Injury or illness

Acute pain can also be a sign of injury or illness. You may have a strain or a sprain. You may have a more serious medical problem. Your doctor will find out what's wrong and make sure you don't make it worse.


Exercise is important, but safe exercise is your goal. So take an active role in your health and follow your doctor's advice. You can exercise and keep your pain under control.