Exercising With Chronic Pain


We all know exercise is important for good health. But if you live with chronic pain, exercising can be hard. Pain often robs you of motivation. Some exercises may be too painful. But even with chronic pain, most people can exercise safely.

Talk to your doctor

Before you start exercising, talk to your doctor. Some exercises focus on strength or endurance. Some focus on balance or flexibility. Your doctor can find a plan that's good for your body and your pain level.

Maintain a healthy weight

One benefit of exercise is that it helps you lose weight. If you're overweight and you have chronic pain in your joints, losing extra pounds will help. And over time, exercising can get easier. You may even be able to add some new exercises to your routine.

Listen to your body

Remember to listen to your body. Be smart. Don't overdo it. If you have pain or swelling in one part of your body, let it rest. Focus on another area while you heal. But if you think you're injured, see your doctor.


Exercise is important, but safe exercise is your goal. So take an active role in your health and follow your doctor's advice. You can exercise and keep your pain under control.