Facet Fixation (US Spine)


This procedure is used to implant specialized bolts through the facet joints of two or more vertebrae, locking the vertebrae together and stabilizing the spine. The US Spine Facet Fixation System™ uses smaller incisions than a traditional open fusion surgery, allowing for less tissue damage, reduced blood loss, and a shorter recovery time.


The patient is positioned, and anesthesia is administered. The surgeon will operate through small incisions on the back over the facet joints that are being fused.

Compressing the Joint

A surgical device is guided through an incision and down to the target facet joint. The device clamps around the facet joint, compressing the joint between two metal washers.

Implanting the Bolt

A bolt is carefully screwed through the washers, connecting the bones of the facet joint. The washers' teeth grip the bones securely and lock the bolt in place, stabilizing the spine. This is repeated at each facet joint that requires treatment.

End of Procedure and Aftercare

The screw guide is removed, and the incisions are closed. The dressing is usually removed a few days later. Post-operative recovery will be guided by the surgeon.