Femur Fracture Fixation with Intramedullary Rod


This surgery fixes a fracture of the femur. It's stabilized with a rod implant. Here's how it's done.


To begin, you are put to sleep. An incision is made in your thigh to reach the top of your femur. If any bone has shifted out of place, the surgeon realigns it.


Next, the surgeon drills a hole down into the femur. An implant (called a "rod") is placed into this hole. It gives strength to the femur's shaft.

Securing the rod

The surgeon may make one or two more incisions in the side of your thigh. That's for stabilizing screws. These pass through the rod and lock it in place in your femur.

End of procedure

When the surgery is done, the incisions are closed. You are watched in a recovery room for a brief time. Follow your surgeon's tips as you heal.