Finding Happiness


We all struggle with negative feelings now and then. Frustration, boredom, loneliness - these are all part of being human. The one thing we're all looking for is happiness. And that means something different for each of us. Here's where you can look for your own happiness.

Be thankful

An important first step is to be thankful for the good things in your life. Recognize your strengths, and find ways to use those strengths as often as you can. Think about the small things that make you feel good. Celebrate your successes, and be thankful for the good things you have.

Be optimistic

Next, try to be a more positive person. If you tend to look for the bad in everything, you'll often be unhappy. So instead, try to focus on the positives. Be optimistic. Set small goals for improvement.

Spread happiness

And finally, take opportunities to spread happiness to others. Thank people when they do kind things for you. Send thank-you notes and positive emails. Volunteer to help people in need. And don't forget to spend time with people you love. These bonds will help provide a support network for you.


If you try these things and they aren't making a difference, take it seriously. Reach out. Tell a family member or a friend. Get professional help as soon as possible. With proper medical care and counseling, you can learn to manage your feelings and find happiness.