Gallbladder Removal (Cholecystectomy)


This is a surgery to remove a small organ under your liver. It's called the "gallbladder," and it stores bile (that's a fluid used for digestion). You may need this surgery if gallstones have collected in your gallbladder, or if the gallbladder is causing other problems. You'll be able to live a normal life without this organ.


To begin, you're given medicine to put you to sleep. If you're having a laparoscopic procedure, small openings are made in your stomach area. One opening is for the viewing device, called a "laparoscope." The others are for tiny instruments. Or, your surgeon may also choose to do an open surgery. If so, only one larger incision is made in your skin.

Removing the Gallbladder

Next, the surgeon separates your gallbladder from your liver. It's carefully detached and removed from your body.

End of Procedure and Aftercare

When the surgery is done, your skin is closed and bandaged. Some people can go home the same day, others will recover in the hospital. Your healthcare provider will give you dietary tips to follow as your body heals and adjusts.