Haglund's Deformity Surgery (Resection Method)


This treatment removes a bony bump on the back of your heel. That bump is called a "Haglund's deformity." It can cause heel pain.


To start, you are given medicine to numb your leg. You may be put to sleep. Your surgeon makes an incision in your skin. Or, your surgeon may choose to use a special camera called an "arthroscope." If so, a few small openings are made in your skin for the arthroscope and other small instruments.


Next, the surgeon carefully removes the bump from your heel bone. Your Achilles tendon may need to be detached from the heel to do this. If your Achilles tendon has been damaged, it may need to be repaired, too. The surgeon may remove damaged tissue from the tendon and use a graft, sutures, anchors or a combination of techniques.

End of Procedure and Aftercare

When the surgery is done, the openings in your skin are closed. Your ankle is bandaged. You may be put in a splint, boot or cast. You will be monitored for a brief time, then you can go home. Your doctor will give you tips to help you recover.