Helping Your Child Sleep Well

A good night's sleep is especially important for children. They need more sleep than adults do. Here are some ways to help them get enough quality sleep at night.

The bedroom environment

Start with the basics. Make their bedroom as comfortable as possible for sleeping. It should be dark, cool and quiet. A nightlight is fine, but put it on the lowest setting. Soft music is helpful for some kids. Avoid electronic screens in the bedroom. Television, video games and tablet devices in the bedroom make it harder for your child to get to sleep.

Developing a routine

Now, develop a bedtime routine. That means putting your child to bed and waking them up at the same time every day. Your bedtime routine may include calming activities. Maybe you give them a light snack, and then they take a bath, and then you read a book to them. Find something that works for you and your child, and stick with it.


Finally, avoid these pitfalls. Don't give your child any caffeine in the evening. Don't let them fall asleep and then carry them to bed. Tuck them in while they are awake and then leave the room so they can learn to fall asleep on their own. And don't let their bed be a place for them to play during the day. Their bed should only be for sleeping. For more tips, talk to your child's doctor.