Helping Your Child Stay at a Healthy Weight


It's important to help your child stay at a healthy weight. A good weight reduces the risk of health problems now and later. Here are some tips to guide you.

Check your child's weight

First, have your child evaluated by a doctor. The doctor can measure your child's body mass index (we call it a "BMI"). This helps you know if you're on the right track, or if you need to make some changes.

Eat healthy

Next, focus on healthy eating at home and at school. Instead of fast food and processed snacks, make fresh meals at home. Let your child help with the meal planning. Buy vegetables, fruits and whole grains. Wash and cut up vegetables so they are ready at snack time. And remember, you're a role model too. So make an effort to eat healthy yourself.

Get up and get moving

Also, make sure your child gets at least one hour of physical activity every day. It doesn't have to be all at once, it can be spread out in small chunks of time throughout the day. Things like running, playing on the playground and playing sports are all great for your child.

Limit screen time

And finally, limit screen time. Kids age two and older should get no more than two hours per day. That includes TV, video games, computers, tablets and phones. Make a log to help you track it.


By teaching your child good health habits now, you'll ensure that they can enjoy the benefits for the rest of their lives.