Hip Resurfacing


This surgery treats arthritis of the hip. It will let your hip glide smoothly again. It also preserves as much healthy bone as possible. For some, this surgery can be done instead of total hip replacement.


To begin, you are put to sleep. The surgeon makes an incision to reach your hip joint. Then, the large bone of the leg (called the "femur") is separated from the socket.


The surgeon needs to fix the head of your femur (we call it the "ball") and the socket. First, the surgeon works on the ball. The damaged parts of the ball are trimmed away. Then, a cap-shaped implant is put over it. Next, the surgeon works on the socket. The cartilage that lines the socket is removed. It is lined with a cup-shaped implant. Then, the ball is put back into the socket. The implants will glide smoothly against each other, just like a healthy hip joint. Finally, your incision is closed and bandaged.

End of procedure

After the surgery, you are watched in a recovery room as you wake up. Your surgeon will tell you when you can go home. Follow your surgeon's advice for a safe recovery.