Infrared Sauna Therapy


If you want the health benefits of a sauna session but can't tolerate high heat, infrared sauna therapy may be right for you. An infrared sauna directly heats your body with light. This is different from traditional saunas. They heat you up by warming the air around you.


What are the benefits of infrared sauna therapy? A session in an infrared sauna exercises your heart by making it beat faster. As your pulse quickens, more blood flows to your skin. And you'll also notice that while you're in the sauna, you sweat a lot. These are some of the same physical effects we get from moderate exercise. Some believe regular sauna sessions can boost your overall health.


To get the most out of your sauna session, don't stay in longer than recommended. Drink plenty of water to replace the fluid you lose through sweating. And give yourself time to cool down after your session.


Saunas can be safe for almost everyone who's in good health. For more information, talk to your healthcare provider or spa specialist.