Insulin Medication (Overview)


Many people who have diabetes rely on insulin therapy to keep their blood glucose levels (also called blood sugar levels) within a healthy range. This therapy requires injections of supplemental insulin when your body needs it.

What is Insulin?

Insulin is a hormone that helps move glucose from the bloodstream and into the body's cells. With diabetes, your body may have grown resistant to your own insulin, or your body may not be able to produce insulin at all. Injecting insulin helps your body convert blood glucose into energy.

Types of Insulin

There are several types of insulin medications. Some work more quickly than others. Some reach peak strength at different times. And they may last for different lengths of time in the body. You may need to use more than one type of insulin, and additional medications may be required.

Ways to Inject

There are several ways to inject insulin, such as with syringes, insulin pens or insulin pump systems. And you will need to closely monitor your blood glucose level to decide when you need an injection.

Talk to Your Doctor

Your doctor can help develop a therapy plan that is right for your body. The healthcare team can help teach you proper glucose monitoring and insulin injecting techniques. With time and practice, your insulin therapy will become a normal part of your everyday life.