Interbody Fusion with Expandable Cage


This surgery uses an expandable implant, called a "cage," to join two vertebrae in your spine. We call this a "fusion." A fusion can relieve the pain of spinal injury or disease. Here's how it works.


The implant is put in while you're asleep. To make space for it, we clear away the disc between two vertebrae. If your vertebrae have shifted out of place, we move them into a better position.

Inserting the cage

Now, we're ready to place the expandable cage. There are several styles of these implants. We'll use the one that's right for your needs. We carefully guide the collapsed cage between your vertebrae. Then, we expand it. The cage pushes against your vertebrae. It locks tightly into place, restoring proper disc height. We can fill the space in and around the cage with graft material.


As you heal, your body uses the graft material to help build new bone. Over time, this new bone creates a solid fusion. Follow your surgeon's guidelines for a safe recovery.