Is My Baby Getting Enough Breastmilk?

Breastfeeding can be challenging for mom and baby. Even if baby latches well and feeds often, you may worry that they're getting enough breastmilk. So let's see how much is enough.

Stomach size

First, how big is a baby's stomach? At birth, it's about the size of a hazelnut. By day ten, their stomach has grown to the size of a walnut. So a newborn will be taking in small amounts of milk at each feeding, and they will need to feed often.

During feedings

When your baby is ready to feed, they'll be awake and alert. During the feeding, baby should actively suck and swallow for 15 minutes or longer. You may feel your breasts soften as they empty.

After feeding

A baby who has had enough milk should seem satisfied and content. And then, they tend to sleep. Babies usually sleep one and a half to three hours between feedings.


Keep track of how many diapers you need to change each day. For the first day, your baby should have one to two wet diapers and the first bowel movement. By day four, your should see about six wet diapers and three or more stools each day. A baby that is getting enough milk should have urine that is clear or pale yellow. And they should gain about four to seven ounces of weight each week. For more info, talk to your healthcare provider.