Keeping Your Baby Safe From Germs

Your baby is born with an immune system that's still developing. Germs that don't hurt you can make your baby sick. To keep your baby as healthy as possible, let's learn how to avoid spreading germs.


Before your baby is born, prepare. Wash all of the baby's clothes. Give your home a good cleaning. Clean all the surfaces that you touch most often. You need to keep doing this cleaning regularly.

Wash your hands

Your hands are a major source of germs. Every time you touch your baby, you can expose them. So wash your hands often. Wash them after you use the bathroom or change a diaper. Wash them before you breastfeed your baby or prepare a bottle. If you have pets in the house, wash your hands after touching the pets. Have everyone else in your house wash their hands often, too.

Cleaning the right way

Make sure you clean bottles, pacifiers and toys the right way. Hot, soapy water and a dishwasher with a hot drying cycle are a great way to kill germs. Always follow manufacturers' directions and your doctor's recommendations.

Avoid sick people

Finally, keep sick people away from your baby. Tell people who show signs of cold or illness to come by after they get better. When you do have visitors, ask them to wash their hands or use a hand sanitizer before they touch your baby. For more info, talk to your doctor.