Laser Hair Removal


This procedure uses laser light to destroy hair follicles in the skin, permanently reducing or eliminating unwanted hair. It can be used to selectively treat any area of the body, with the exception of the skin around the eyes. Results may vary depending on the patient's skin color and hair type.


To prepare for the procedure, the physician cleans and sterilizes the skin. The skin may be numbed with a topical anesthetic, but anesthetic may not be necessary.


The laser is directed at the treatment area. The light penetrates the skin, vaporizes the hair shafts, and damages the hair follicles so that they cannot grow new hair. Not every follicle may be completely destroyed by a single treatment, but any new hair that grows back after the treatment tends to be lighter in color and finer than the original hair.


After the treatment, the skin may be tender and red for a short time. A topical cream or ointment may be recommended to ease discomfort. Typically, multiple treatments will be required to completely eliminate unwanted hair.