Laser Resurfacing (Ablative)


This is a laser treatment for your skin. It removes thin layers of your skin's surface and causes new skin to grow. It can treat wrinkles, scars, uneven skin tone and other problems.


To begin, your skin is cleansed. It's numbed with local anesthetic. If a large area is being treated, you may have a nerve block to reduce pain. You may be sedated.


Then, a laser is aimed at your skin. The laser destroys the skin's outer layer, called the "epidermis." It also heats the lower layer, called the "dermis." That causes the dermis to tighten.

End of procedure

When the treatment is finished, your skin is covered with an ointment, and it's bandaged. Your skin may be raw and swollen. It may feel itchy. Over time, a new layer of skin will grow to replace the layer that was removed. Your healthcare provider will give you tips to help your recovery.