Laser Resurfacing (Non-Ablative)


This is a laser treatment for your skin. It sends heat into the skin's middle layer, called the "dermis." It tightens this layer and stimulates the growth of collagen. That's a protein that gives your skin its strength and structure. Laser resurfacing can treat wrinkles, scars and other skin problems.


To begin, your skin is cleansed. It may be numbed with a topical anesthetic.


Then, a laser is passed over your skin. Several overlapping passes are needed. The laser safely passes through your skin's outer layer. The laser heats the dermis. That promotes collagen production.

End of procedure

When the treatment is finished, your skin may be cooled with cold compresses and covered with a topical medication or ointment. Your skin may be red, and it may feel tender. Your healthcare provider will give you tips to help your recovery.