Life After Cancer Treatment


Congratulations, you've finished your cancer treatment. Instead of frequent doctor visits and test results, you can finally start living again. But you may find that life just feels different now. So let's take a few minutes to look at the road ahead.

Scars, inside and out

After cancer, it can be hard to figure out what your new "normal" is. Cancer leaves scars, some physical, and some emotional. It can change your role in your family. It can stress your finances. If you have feelings and concerns about these issues, be honest. Talk openly with friends and family members. Find a support group for cancer survivors. Learn about services that are available to you.

Wellness plan

Some survivors find that it's helpful to make a wellness plan. That's a plan you make with your doctor. It's a guide to healthy living. It covers things like diet, exercise and stress. It may include a daily schedule you can follow. A wellness plan helps you channel your energy in a positive way.

Control what you can

Finally, many people who have had cancer have deep worries that it will come back. If you have this fear, practice letting it go. Don't let it overwhelm your life. Accept that you can't control everything. Focus on things you can control. If you're having trouble letting go of fear, or if you have depression, tell your doctor.


With time, you can learn to live a happy and meaningful life after cancer.