Lisfranc Injury Surgery


This surgery repairs an injury of the Lisfranc joint complex. That's a cluster of small bones and ligaments in the midfoot. This surgery stabilizes broken or dislocated bones.


To begin, you are put to sleep. An incision is made along the top of your foot. Your surgeon carefully examines the Lisfranc joint complex. There are many ways to repair your injuries. Your surgeon chooses the repairs that are right for you.


Your bones can be realigned and stabilized with the help of wires, plates, screws and specialized implants. Your surgeon may choose to modify your bones so that they will grow together to form a solid bone mass. We call this a "fusion."

End of procedure

When the surgery is done, the incision is closed and bandaged. Your foot is protected with a splint. You are watched for a brief time as you wake up. Then, you can go home. You'll come back later, and your foot will be put in a cast or a boot. Your healthcare provider will give you tips to help your recovery.