Living-Donor Transplant


This surgery takes an organ from a healthy person and puts it into a sick person. The two people must have blood types and tissues that are compatible. So before a transplant is done, both people must be tested to make sure they are a match.

Which organs can be transplanted this way?

Which organs can be transplanted this way? Most often, it's a kidney or part of the liver. A kidney can be given, because the donor can live with just one. A part of the liver can be given, because liver tissue regrows. So after the transplant, both the donor and recipient will grow a whole liver. Parts of other organs have been transplanted from living donors, too, but this is rare.

Types of donations

There are two types of donations. The first is a "directed" donation. That's when a donor gives an organ to a specific person. The second type is a "non-directed" donation. That's when a person gives an organ without a recipient in mind. The donor and recipient may never even know each other. And sometimes, there are donation chains. That's when someone who can't donate to their loved one donates to a stranger to encourage a matching donor to give an organ to the loved one. A donation chain can grow to involve many donors and recipients.


To learn more about living-donor transplants, talk to your healthcare provider.