Living With Adult ADHD


If you're an adult who has ADHD, you know how disruptive it can be. You may make choices that hurt loved ones and damage your relationships. Your career may suffer. But there is hope. You can learn to manage your ADHD. These tips will help.

Follow your care plan

First, go to your medical appointments and listen to your doctor's advice. Medications help many people with ADHD, but it takes time to find the medication and dose that's right for you. So take your medication as directed, and give your doctor feedback about how it's working.

Therapy may help

Talk therapy is also great for ADHD. There are a few methods you can try. You may go to therapy alone. Or, you may go with a spouse or with other family members. A support group may help, too. There, you'll be able to share with and learn from other people who know exactly what you're going through.

Get organized

And finally, work on making some positive changes in your day-to-day life. If tasks feel overwhelming, take steps to get organized. Develop a daily routine to help you succeed. For example, if you constantly misplace your keys or wallet, pick one place where you always put them. Use a daily calendar so you don't miss deadlines or appointments. If you forget things, leave sticky note reminders where you can't miss them. And regularly make time to organize your mail and documents. With a little effort, you can simplify your life and get rid of a lot of frustration.


By working with your doctor and following your care plan, you can manage ADHD successfully.