Living With Dementia


A diagnosis of dementia changes your life. It changes the lives of your loved ones, too. You might face some unexpected challenges. But there are healthy ways to deal with dementia. Here are some coping strategies.

Accept change

First, you should know that some things are going to get harder for you. You may have trouble keeping track of your daily schedule. Managing money can be tough. You may be tempted to hide your problems from other people, or pretend you aren't having trouble. But this isn't healthy. You need to be open and honest. Figure out what things are hard for you. Try to find ways to make them easier. Don't feel guilty about asking others for help.

Create a daily routine

Think about the things you can do well. Try to make a daily routine that plays to your strengths. Give yourself enough time to do things. Try to keep your stress under control. And don't be too hard on yourself. Set realistic goals. If you are having trouble achieving your goals, try a new strategy.

Rely on sources of strength

Finally, look for sources of strength that can help you in your life. Try to maintain bonds with family and friends so you have a strong support network. For some people, prayer is helpful. A pet can provide comfort and companionship. Find the things that are sources of strength for you.


At times, living with dementia can be scary and difficult. But you can do it. With help from your doctor, your loved ones and your friends, you can live a happy and meaningful life.