Living With Hearing Loss


If you've lost some of your hearing, you know how frustrating it can be. You may miss parts of what people are saying. And people may leave you out of conversations altogether. But there are some simple things you can do to make communication easier.

Manage your environment

It's hard to hear in certain places. Areas with bare floors and walls make sound bounce around and echo. You can stop the echoes with things like carpeting, soft furniture and drapes.

Limit background noise

It's easier to hear when there isn't a lot of background noise. So try to lessen sounds that distract you. Maybe you can turn off the air conditioner or heating unit, or turn down a distracting TV or stereo.

Improving conversation

When you're talking with someone, let them know you have hearing loss. Sit close to them. Make sure there's enough light so you can see their expressions and mouth movements. If you miss something, ask them to repeat it. Keep a notepad handy so they can write notes to you if needed.

Other devices

And, you may want to try assistive devices in your home. Alert devices can let you know when the doorbell or phone rings, or warn you of a fire or other dangerous situation. There are devices that make people's speech more clear with a microphone that sends sounds directly to your hearing aid. And, there are devices that amplify your phone or TV. Your audiologist can give you more tips.